Here is my low-tech front page for the Super Metroid romhacks I've worked on, most recent first.
- My goal with hack randomizers is to preserve the original behavior of the hack as much as possible

Verticality (May 2024)

Lost World (May 2024)

Golden Dawn (April 2024)
- With a music patch to prevent Mother Brain crashes (thanks to neen!)

Digital Cube (April 2024)

Undesign [modified Redesign] (March 2024)
-Audraxys' logic from the Redesign rando, with only a couple small changes
-Cheesyboatride's Undesign patch to play Redesign with vanilla SM physics

Oxide (November 2023)

Blue Plague (November 2023)
- Early game yellow doors removed to avoid potential 'guessing' softlocks.
- A "Surprise" item is added to the pool from original SM (Plasma, Space Jump, etc)

Super Zero Mission Normal Mode (Mostly done May 2023, posted October 2023)
- Sometimes hangs due to infinite coding loops, refresh if you don't get a seed right away.
- I think I was almost finished with this when I abandoned it, so there may be late-game logic flaws, if that matters.
- Generally, tech that is required for Any% or 100% speedruns is in logic (except spikesuit to early PB).

Cliffhanger Redux (October 2023)
- Some rom edits allow more traverses in reverse in the Wrecked Ship, including X-Ray climbing bowling
- Pit room will wake up with the acquisition of Morph, and Morph will always be at its original location or one room away.
- In-and-out logic is in place, so beware of entering left side brin or falling down blue tower without a way out.

Ascent (August 2023, Unfinished)
- This is full rando only, despite the web labels
- There are red doors to allow you to return to zone 1, but there is no way to return to zone 2, and I have not considered all possible ways the rando might be impossible, so there may be unbeatable seeds. So, badatmetroid made a softlock protection option you can use to force certain items to be available in each zone.

V I T A L I T Y (July 2023)
- Now with Major/Minor option thanks to badatmetroid
- The Bomb Oums are only weak to Bombs, so you will be trapped if you enter the Bombs area without Bombs.
- You can only escape Pendulu Moda with Morph and some form of bombs, or logical Botwoon/Spazer access (Morph+Supers+Charge).
- The Alpha Power Bomb location has been unaltered, but has been coded by the logic to never logically hold a progression item, since it is inaccessible if you gain power bombs.
- The vanilla behavior for the ship collapse is acquiring power bombs, not the cutscene. This is unchanged for rando.
- Due to the scarcity of power bombs (1 per pack), item locations that need bomb hops were carefully counted. Take care entering morph tunnel areas with limited power bomb counts. 3-tile alcatraz jumps are NOT considered in logic.

NATURE (June 2023)
- Now with Major/Minor option and some skills customization thanks to badatmetroid
- The pit room has flashing gray doors by default. This makes more openings possible without morph & missiles.
- The gray door out the back of the wrecked ship toward forgotten highway has been changed to blue to avoid softlocks.
- The screw attack room has been altered to have the acid rise immediately, to avoid making screw attack required.

STARDUST (May 2023)
- With the BT-locked door, Morph and Bombs will always be in the early area.
- The final Tourian E-Tank is unaltered, as well as the first two items in the escape.

RECOVERY (May 2023)
- There are no softlock protections for certain items. Consider how you will get out of Wave Beam, LN, etc.

ESCAPE 2, 1.9 (February 2023)
- The Secret Spore Spawn door to backdoor Tourian takes you to G4 statues instead, meaning G4 bosses are required.
- Early Supers usually means to go to the Wrecked Ship Warp Zone, then Brinstar for more progression.

ERIS 2012 (January 2023)
- Artifacts and their locations are shuffled into the item pool. Find 4 of them and go win!
- The "101 Missile" in the ceiling is also in the randomized pool, obtainable with Ice Beam.

CRYOGENESIS 1.0 (January 2023)
- Added Plasma and Speed Booster to this romhack. Speed blocks will break with Speed or Meteorite.
- You will need the Meteorite to logically exit the Meteorite area. Do not enter without it.

SUBVERSION 1.2 * Note, buxnq/beauxq has updated and maintained this since December 2022 *
- Subversion has several options for logic, area rando, and other new features.

Thanks to strotlog who did data mining and hacking solutions for some of these.
Thanks to buxnq/beauxq for the Subversion assumed fill algorithm which I have applied to all these romhacks.
Thanks to many others for all the insights while playing through these and building logic. I know there are many others to thank!